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Anyone looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience will be blown away by the majestic beauty of Oklahoma’s Blue River. The Blue River is best known for its incredibly clean water that is abundant with trout, small-mouth bass, black bass, crappie and blue catfish. Due to its flowing rapids, abundant waterfalls and ledges, the Class II-III river is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and rafting and is definitely one of the most beautiful areas in the multi-state region. Blue River is one of the last streams in Oklahoma that flows from its original natural source without any man-made control of its waters. The water is so clear and clean it is a source of drinking water for nearby residents.

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The 16,464 acre wildlife refuge is operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The refuge area includes the 4,500 acre Cumberland Pool and the 3,000 acre Tishomingo Wildlife Management Unit. Located just outside of Tishomingo, visitors will find a variety of hiking and nature trails, in addition to hunting and fishing opportunities from dawn to dusk. Bird watchers may also enjoy the scenery from an observation tower and from Jemison's Lookout. Through a special permit at the appropriate season, sportsmen can hunt waterfowl, with steel shot from shotguns, and deer, with bow and arrow only.                                                     

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Located in the scenic Arbuckle Mountains, The Lake of the Arbuckles is known for its crystal blue clear water and is a popular destination for fishing and water sports. Being widely regarded as one of the best fishing lakes in Oklahoma, it is not your typical Oklahoma fishery. Its rocky bottom and extremely clear water makes it the best place to be in all of the Midwest for winter bass fishing. The 2,350 acre lake forms the western border of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and offers thirty-six miles of shoreline with plenty of protected coves for private swimming and fun-filled afternoons with the family.


Arbuckle Wilderness Park is a fun-filled land where you and your family will take an exciting drive in your car on a safari full of emotion and adventure. With hundreds of exotic animals roaming free over more than 200 acres in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains, you will wish you bought more food to feed them all. Open year round and is definitely an exciting and memorable adventure for all ages.


Known as one of the best swimming holes in Oklahoma, this little gem is located near the center of Tishomingo, OK within a 15-acre park. The gently flowing waters of Pennington Creek are cold and refreshing, while the abundant trees and natural escarpments add to its scenic beauty. Spend the day sunbathing and relaxing on the creek’s natural sandy beaches while the kids play in one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets.

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Beautiful spring-fed Lake Murray is approximately 5,700 acres and is one of the clearest lakes in Oklahoma. The lake is located within a 12,500 acre State Park. The bass fishing at Lake Murray is excellent and is also a great lake for water skiing, wake boarding, jet skiing and more. The facilities at Lake Murray include boat ramps, picnic areas, grills, and restrooms. Visitors to Lake Murray will enjoy plenty of swimming, scuba diving opportunities, hiking, horseback riding, and a marina with boat rentals. The lake also offers approximately 10 miles of marked trails for four-wheelers to enjoy!


Lake Texoma is an 88,000 acre water playground which provides some of the best striped bass fishing in the nation. Lake Texoma is also known for boat cruises and charters, marinas, restaurants, golf and even a nearby casino. Even though it is a widely commercial, the Lake Texoma project lands are open to the public for hunting whitetail deer, bobwhite quail, mourning dove, ducks, and geese.


Turner Falls Park in Davis, OK is an adventurous and family-friendly destination nestled in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains. The 1,500 acre park includes a 77’ waterfall, caves, Dr. Collings’ rock castle and a cool, spring-fed creek that runs all the way through the park. Turner Falls is an annual destination for many families in Oklahoma.

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